One thing making Thai Club Coin a unique and distinct digital cash is its speed, transaction confirmation occurs just within seconds. Thai Club Coin is even faster than Bitcoin, our blockchain technology allows Thai Club Coin the capability of surpassing Bitcoin and other digital cashes when it comes to the speed of money transaction.

Low Fees

In comparison with the cost that traditional methods may charge you, Thai Club Coin charges you only a trivial fee, and even overseas transactions charge you almost the same trivial fee as domestic transactions.

Privacy Guarantee

All of your private information including money sender, money receiver, amount of money, etc... have no chance of being leaked with our most advanced blockchain technology.

High Level Of Security

The blockchain system allows you the ability to protect your account from all attacks. Your transaction cannot be interfered under any circumstances.


Thai Club Coin provides you with the most simple handling apps being made to meet your money transaction demands. No matter who you are, a businessman, a normal consumer, or an individual desiring to transfer your money to your acquaintance, Thai Club Coin is, no wonder, your best choice.

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About Thai Club Coin!

Thai club coin is a cryptocurrency based on the system of cryptography. This Is an encryption method for greater security and safety of transactions and funds. It functions on the blockchain platform which is like a peer to peer network like a social network. The blockchain is a global public ledger where all the transactions are transparent yet secured by encrypted cryptography.

Thai club coin initiated its operations in the 1 st quarter of the year 2017, with a simple aim in mind that was making crytocurrency and blockchain technology available to the world and spread awareness about the benefits of the use of cryptocurrency as a viable substitute for Fiat currency like dollars etc. After a year of research and development Thai club coin was created in 2018. Thai club coin believes in creating evolutionary technology to provide a secure platform in the cryptocurrency market. With its unique blockchain technology Thai club coin will create a secure environment for all global transactions made through Thai club coin.

As Thai club is a decentralized system no bank, federal agency of government can shut down or freeze your Thai club account making your funds accessible to you at all time without the hassles of the generic banking system. Thai Club Coin is accessible and available wherever and whenever you are in need, no limits, no boundaries, which means you can purchase or sell products and services, transfer money to your family and friends at an extremely low transaction fees by an instant confirmation network without any interruption.

5 reasons why you should buy Thai tokens

Constant demand

All Tourism and Clubbing require Thai tokens for usage and the amount of tokens in circulation will constantly decrease. The THAI token is the fuel for Tourism and Clubbing transaction processing.

Loyalty Rewards

By owning Thai tokens and making transactions you will automatically become a member of our Loyalty Program, which provides cashback for every transaction you make in future.

Compliance with SEC regulation

We worked closely with one of the best lawyers in blockchain and the SEC regulation sphere. Our legal opinion is that Thai tokens are a utility and not a security.

Limited offer

All tokens will be issued only during ICO, therefore it is 100% guaranteed by decentralized blockchain protocol. There will be no tokens issued after ICO.

5 reasons why Thai is actually the next big thing in Tourism Industry

3 years of experience

We started creation of the most capable and convenient payment processing solution 3 years ago. Thai Club is the cumulative peak of that collaboration, utilizing the most efficient technology developed by our experienced team.

Developed ecosystem

Thai Club goal is not just to create another crypto wallet or Tour cryptocard. We focus only on future technologies and infrastructure, using contactless payment technologies and creating full-fledged Tourism solutions.

Everything in your smartphone

We have a variety of services if you can’t access them quickly and easily? We are focused on mobile technologies to ensure we provide tourism services with no limits, restrictions or delays.

Merchant Network Friendly

Thai will be used and accepted in most of the Land Packages and all the renowned club in the Thai geographical location the biggest difference between cryptocurrency and fiat currency is that the pricing will change as per the exchange rates.We are creating solutions which will help the user to pay at pre-decided price in a blockchain based world.

Lowest and fairest exchange rates

Thai Club Coin will erase geographic and mental boundaries between different currencies and crypto assets by guaranteeing the lowest exchange rate and immediate usable using Merchant Network technology. Payment for usage of service and other transactions are quick and easy – no different than working in the currency of your own country.

Utility Token

We have come up and added the most important feature for Thai club coin which adds it to daily use, we have come up with an exchange and app which would allow users to transact trade and pay directly through Thai Club coins, with the best transaction time and cost.

Users can directly use the coin to make payments in clubs and resorts through our collaborations and well-placed sources. With the Thai club coin you can make payments for leisure around the world without the availability or need of cash or bank transfer. You are now free from carrying cash or have a secured system of bank transfers for making payments for your leisure and holidays around the globe.

Coin Specifications

  • Coin name : Thai Club Coin
  • Ticker : Thai
  • Algorithm : Scrypt Algorithm
  • Max supply : 21 million
  • Pre-mined : 4.2 million
  • Emission rate : no new coins will be created
  • Accepted Currency : BTC, ETH
  • Exchanges : Cryptopia, Livecoin, Yobit, Cex
  • Block time : 2 minutes
  • Block rewards: 4 coins

Road Map

2017 Q1

- Ideation.
- Acquiring a Team of Software Developers for the functionality of the coin.
- Assembling a Team for handling operations & Partnership ventures.

2017 Q2

- Implementation of the Idea for Thai club.
- R&D on problems related to the blockchain.
- Development of Blockchain.
- Legal documentation.

2017 Q3

- Events & Seminars for awareness about cryptocurrency.
- Whitepaper creation initiated.
- Investor meets.

2018 Q1

- Launch of Token Sale through ICO.
- Testing phase.
- Arranging Events in different countries for Crypto enthusiasts.

2018 Q2

- Coin Distribution through ICO.
- Listing of Thai Club Coin on different Exchanges.
- Promoting in different countries

2018 Q4

- Occupying Majority Markets
- Providing fully integrated tourism software


- Worldwide Expansion
- Improving blockchain to handle remittance

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